Catch My Drift

A client I had previously worked with returned and asked for my design and development on another website, this time for his sailing charter company, Catch My Drift. On this project I was responsible for:

  • web design
  • web development
  • logo design
  • WordPress CMS training
  • WordPress customization
  • secure booking system

Catch My Drift was started by Simon Finlayson after going on a sailing trip with a few friends. He’s since earned his Coastal Skippers License and is now organizing multiple trips each year with friends from all around the world joining him sailing around Greece, Croatia, Thailand, and other warm destinations.

For this website, Simon wanted to have details on upcoming trips for those joining, or interested in joining him, the details of how the trips worked, and a place to have the highlight videos of each trip.

Design and Development

I sent Simon a few mockups, and we tried a few designs before getting it just the way he wanted it. In the process we also designed a new logo while we played with site designs. The site features an animated gif in a curved header to give the site a nautical feel right away, while the blue and gold colour scheme and elegant title/simple body font selection gives users a sense of playful luxury, exactly what the sailing trips are like.

For the Upcoming Trips, we agreed on a single page broken into sections for each country. There are two or three trips in each country so we gave users their choice right away.

The Past Adventures page is where Simon puts his highlight videos. In fact that’s all that he wants on that page. Nice and simple.

On the How It Works page I set up a series of accordion sliders to hide the answers to FAQ’s. This makes sure users won’t have to sort through a wall of content to find the answers they were looking for. Instead they can simply find and open the questions they want.

We also made a Meet Simon page so users could get to know a little about him before booking.

I also had to come up with a system for Simon to review people requesting to book one of the spots on board. So I made a password secured page that users could use a form on a previous page to request the password for. Or for people Simon had already given the password to, they could simply skip the request and go to the booking stage.

See the site for yourself at

screenshot of Catch My Drift homepage design and development by Jordan Jamieson