Digital Painting

In this project I used one of my photos of Paris to create a Digital Painting in Photoshop. This method of Digital Painting used a photo as a base layer with an empty layer placed above it. Using the Mixer Brush Tool on the blank layer, check “Sample All Layers”, then click and drag to paint using the colours of the photo.

Just like normal painting, using a variety of brush sizes, widths, lengths, angles, and tips will give the painting different textures. For example, in the sky, I used a wider brush with longer bristles to create the sweeping look through the clouds, while on the Eiffel Tower I used a thin brush with short bristles to keep the colours looking solid. I also used a little bit of artistic license to keep the trees along the Champ de Mars trimmed to the same level and removed the crowds of tourists.

Digital Painting results in a completely Vector image, which can be infinitely scaled without losing quality.

See the result below

Before (Photo)

Photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris by Jordan Jamieson

After (Painting)

Digital painting of the Eiffel Tower in Paris by Jordan Jamieson