Photography Newsletter

In this assignment, we had to create a fictional newsletter or magazine with a minimum of 4 pages, only using Adobe InDesign. We also had to use articles, photo, or other works from writers, designers, or photographers not in our class, to ensure we understood the process of obtaining permissions to use their works.

I decided to use a photography theme with emphasis on photographers from around the Pacific Ocean. I was able to use some of my own work, and I received permission from two other photographers I had been following to use some of their work for the assignment. I was able to have an email interview with great underwater photographer Sarah Lee and small town Intsagrammer justjess____.

It was a great experience to be able to connect with photographers who’s work I had admired for years and be able to speak with them about their craft. This assignment really got me interested in interviewing people and writing about them.

The Final Product

fictional magazine cover by Jordan Jamieson
fictional photography magazine index page and page featuring Intsagram user just Jess by Jordan Jamieson
fictional magazine interview with Sarah Lee and photography by Jordan Jamieson
fictional magazine back cover by Jordan Jamieson