Simon Finlayson Jewellery

Screenshot of the home page from Simon Finlayson Jewellery by Jordan JamiesonSimon Finlayson, a London based goldsmith specializing in custom designed and handmade jewellery, approached me about making a website to promote his services and showcase his work. He was already actively posting photos of completed pieces and time-lapse videos of his work to an Instagram account that he wanted to be able to incorporate onto the site.

When it came to the design of the site, Simon knew what he wanted it to look like; light, minimalist, and clean. I put together a few mockups and we designed a simple text logo that I was able to give to him in PNG format (with a transparent background) to add to his Instagram photos and videos.

We decided to use a WordPress base as Simon already had experience using the system. Once we had finalized the design, I was able to find a theme that had the functionality we wanted and was close to the look we wanted. I added some custom CSS to get the theme to look the way we wanted it, and then we began adding and organizing content.

We were able to keep the Simon Finlayson Jewellery Instagram feed on the right side of the inside pages of his website, so users could see the latest photos and videos before the professional photos were done and uploaded to the site. To make sure updating the site didn’t take long at all I left Simon with templates of each existing type of page so he could easily copy the page, rename it, update the description, and upload the photos, without having to worry about the layout or sizing.

One of the additional features Simon wanted on this project was an appointment booking system that users could easily sign up with and book a meeting with Simon, selecting what sort of work they were looking to have done, the date, and the time. Simon has a separate website and app for his jewellery repair service, and he needed the scheduler to work for both websites to avoid a double booking. Working with the developer from the repair workshop, we easily found a solution.

To view the full website visit Simon Finlayson Jewellery here.